Big BKF Buenos Aires:聽Our story

We are artisans at our craft

The Butterfly Chair is authentically Argentine: it's inventive design and remarkable craftsmanship are iconic. Created in 1938 by three young architects (one Catalan, Antonio Bonet Castellana, and two Argentines, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy) had arrived in Argentina after they met in the Parisian atelier of Swiss architect Le Corbusier. The 'BKF' style became widely known throughout the United States and Europe as a symbol of modern design.
Since the year 1999聽BIG BKF Buenos Aires聽is the result of a constant search for harmony between innovation, creativity and practicality, ensuring that your furniture is a true object of desire in the service of comfort, able to preserve their value over time to become a real craft work of art.聽We offer a select variety of designer premium leather lounge chairs based on the original BKF (1938) butterfly chair design. We designed and registered our unique disassembled frame.
Premium argentinian leather, from grass fed cows and vegetable tanned, is hand-selected and artisanally made. Frames are quickly assembled & disassembled into four pieces, optimal for easy transport and storage.
We are now crafting Big BKF 1938s design in black iron, chrome, gold, copper and stainless steel frame & The Tripolina wooden frame chair (design from 1881).
Masterfully dyed, stitched, and stamped by hand the butterfly leather cover is made of 100% vegetable tanned saddle leather that, like a fine wine, ages beautifully. The supporting iron frame is both sleek and durable more than lifetime. Made exclusively in a fair trade environment, each piece takes our master artisans three days to complete.

Our expert team of designers and leather craftsmen work with the highest quality聽Argentine hides and leather to ensure every original butterfly chair retains the quality and customized touch we guarantee our clients. In contrast to other replications of the BKF design, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our products. Every chair is handmade of pure 100% argentine leather, four pieces beautifully sewn together and every edge is double stitched to reinforce.

We are locally based in beautiful Palermo neighbourhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina working with clients internationally.

For a detailed view of our leathers and craftsmanship, please view images below:


  • Genuine Argentine leather with lifetime durability
  • Hand-crafted by leather artisans聽in Buenos Aires聽

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